Saturday, May 12, 2012

DIY Lace Shorts

DIY Lace Shorts

Today I did another set of DIY shorts! This time I did DIY Lace shorts. it was incredibly easy to make and was maybe a 45 minutes project tops. Me and my friend Kendall got 3 dollar shorts from a thrift store, cut them into great cut offs, and glued some lace on them. I chose a black lace with scallops on the bottom hanging off, Kendall did white lace on one side with the opposite pocket covered. We'll be pairing them with some great sheer tops for summer and fun sandals. 

We used the same basic process that I used for my last pair of DIY print shorts. Because this wasn't as sensitive as a fabric, I chose not to use a stencil and just free cut, as well as not folding over the edges because lace is not likely to fray as any normal fabric would. 

Take a peek at the complete steps we used, and hopefully this offers you some more great ideas!! (Please excuse how disgusting my room is, crafting can be quite the ordeal.)


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